[ At a basic level ]

What is Digital Practice Building?

DPB is a practice building program made up of a unique combination of digital strategies and tactics that integrate the most advanced internet marketing concepts, social media share-campaign strategies, patient-centric messaging and visually engaging graphic design.

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Why You Should Go Digital with Us...

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Create the ultimate digital practice building team


( Think of it like this )

Building Your


Is very much similar to building the house that you want to live in. If you’re building a house you can choose to build a shelter, a modest home, a mansion or a subdivision.

Do you...

have the blueprint to build the house of your dreams?

Do you...

know your options?

Do you...

know what you want to build?

Do you...

know a digital architect or team you can trust?

We are here to help you build any type of digital practice you choose.

Learn your options, decide which you want, design your blueprint, hire the right contractors and build your digital practice.

You can choose to build it all by yourself, hire subcontractors or play it safe and work with a general contractor (GC) to help bring together qualified contractors and subcontractors. A good GC guides you to get maximum results at the best value.

[ that’s where we come in ]
– there’s no one size fits all
digital practice solution

Your practice is unique to you.

We know that different doctors have different visions, different ambitions, different budgets, different risk tolerance levels and different expectation levels.

We help doctors create their ideal digital practice style.


[ The discovery process ]

Maximum impact. Minimum effort.

We guide you through the process and help you identify your ultimate digital practice building blueprint; then help you through the decision making process to determine what you can and want to do yourself versus what and who you should hire for maximum impact with minimum effort.

– Take a moment –

Ask Yourself...

How fast would you like to build the digital footprint of your practice? How much time and money are you willing to invest into building it?

Would you...

like to build a digital presence that expands the impact, reach and influence of your physical practice?

Or would you...

like to build a practice using a digital footprint that has flexible hours, low overhead, high impact, flexible location, and residual income?


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Register today for Digital Practice Builders 101 and learn how to think about and answer these questions.

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Simple. Affordable.

It’s your revolutionary approach to use today’s modern technology to grow your impact, practice and income for years to come…

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100% Online. Access Everywhere.

Three 1-hour training videos will give you the knowledge and insights you need to get started on building the digital practice of your dreams.

[ Complete ]

What's Included...

Video 1

Why Every Doctor MUST Have at Least One Digital Practice

Video 2

The Essential Tools, Resources and Services

Video 3

The Three Main Concepts Every Doctor Must Master

The Time is NOW.

Every Doctor MUST Build a Digital Practice.

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